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It is a programme in which a once-off non-refundable donation is made to the Vanuatu Government facilitated by Rozière as a certified agent as follows:

  • USD 5,000 (non-refundable) FIU fee.
  • USD 165,000 for a single applicant.
  • USD 190,000 for a married couple.
  • USD 210,000 for a married couple with 1 child.
  • USD 230,000 for a family of 4.


(An additional administration fee of USD 1,000 will apply per application).
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Yes.  Vanuatu accepts dual / double citizenship.

  • No personal income.
  • No corporate tax.
  • No withholding.
  • No capital gains tax.
  • No estate.
  • No wealth.
  • No gift tax.
  • Locally applied VAT at 12.5%.
  • Possibility to get a driving license, local address, register a company.

Yes. This programme gives to successful applicant(s) an “Honorary Citizenship” with full Ni Vanuatu rights (i.e. same rights but no voting rights or political involvement).

Yes. Citizenship can be passed to future generations by descent (conditions apply; it is not automatic).

Yes. The main applicant must be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age to apply.

Yes. The main applicant and dependants must each supply a medical certificate confirming they are in good health. There is no form for the medical report, but it must be signed by a qualified doctor.

Spouse and children under 25 years’ of age and dependants of the main applicant can be included.

Yes. You will need to complete an application form and apply for a new passport once your current passport expires.

No. The International Civil Aviation Organization requires that each person has their own passport. Children cannot be endorsed on their parent’s new passports, as the machine-readable zone contains data for only one person. Depending on the requirements of the country you are travelling to, if children are endorsed on their parents’ existing passport, they may be able to travel on this passport until they reach 16 years of age, or the passport expires.

All Vanuatu citizens. Under the Passports Act 2009, you must be a Vanuatu citizen to be eligible for a Vanuatu passport.

To apply for a new passport, you will need:

  • A completed application form (available from the Passports Office)
  • Original documents as stated on the application form (e.g., birth certificate) as evidence of your identity and entitlement to a passport. You need to first register your birth with the Civil Status Office in Port Vila and bring a printed birth certificate to the Passport Office with your passport application.
  • Two (2) recent identical passport photos.
  • Someone to act as a witness. They must be over 18 years of age and have known you for 1 year or more.
  • The correct application fee, which is based on the type of services you require.
  • Your most recent passport (if you have one).

Citizenship is permanent. The Vanuatu passport, however, needs to be renewed every ten years. The validity period starts from the date of issue and runs until the date of expiry.

The information you provide helps the passport office to establish your identity and determine if you are eligible for a Vanuatu passport.

You will require an identity witness to formally identify you on the application form and certify one of your photographs. The witness will:

  • Fill in the Identity Witness section of the application form in their own handwriting and sign the declaration.
  • Write the full name of the person applying for the passport on the back of one of the photos, write the date and sign their own name on the back of the same photo.

It is important to register your birth with the Civil Status Office, as it is the central birth registry.

The Passport Office requires a printed birth certificate from the Civil Status Office to record your details in the passport system, as part of establishing your identity and entitlement to a passport.

Yes. As evidence of your married name, you need to bring your marriage certificate as part of your passport application.

  • To apply for a new passport for your child, you need to complete the application form with your child’s details. You also need to complete the consent section and sign the bottom of the form.
  • If the child is between 10 and 17 years of age, he or she needs to sign the box at the top right of the application form.
  • If the child is under 10 years of age, the signature box at the top right of the form can be left blank.

The due diligence check is a background check made by the Government to ensure there is no derogatory information on the applicant and that the application is not from a politically exposed person.

No. Once the donation has been made and the application has been submitted, the Citizenship Commission will issue a final Approval. The applicant can then either:

  • Attend a ceremony to take their Oath as a Vanuatu citizen
  • Request a Vanuatu passport officer to travel to meet the main applicant (dependants do not need to travel)

The programme accepts the following currencies as payment:

  • US Dollar, South African Rand, and Euro.
  • Cryptocurrencies (to be confirmed on a case-by-case basis).

Once Due Diligence Clearance is granted by FIU, the applicant must pay the donation to obtain the final approval.

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