Citizenship by investment provides an attractive solution for immigrant investors seeking to broaden their horizons and unlock new opportunities in their personal and professional lives. In an era of increasing globalization, the ability to travel and communicate freely around the world has never been more important. While some passport holders enjoy the privilege of visa-free travel and easy customs checks in numerous countries, others face limitations. The world’s premier citizenship programs grant unrestricted travel to over 180 countries, a stark contrast to the less than 35 countries accessible to others.

Securing a second passport and citizenship through popular investment programs, such as those offered by Saint Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda, opens doors to unrestricted travel. It also significantly influences where you can live, trade, work, invest, and travel. As a result, citizenship by investment is on the rise among expats seeking to broaden their horizons.

What Is Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment, often abbreviated as CBI, is a widely sought-after citizenship program that allows individuals to obtain a second citizenship by investing in a foreign country. This immigrant investor program has gained popularity as more global citizens aspire to broaden their horizons, access visa-free travel to numerous countries, and enjoy various business and family-related benefits.

To acquire dual citizenship through an investment program, individuals make a substantial investment in the host country’s economy. This investment can take various forms, including contributions to a sustainable growth fund, government fees, participation in approved real estate projects, or other programs that meet the host country’s requirements. The specific investment amount varies depending on the country and the type of citizenship program.

In return for their investment, the host country’s government grants citizenship and a second passport to the investor and their family members. This form of economic citizenship program offers a more straightforward and streamlined path to citizenship compared to traditional immigration processes. The duration of the process varies, typically ranging from a few months to a year, depending on the country’s requirements and the chosen investment program.

Why Choose Citizenship by Investment Now

Freedom to Travel:

A primary advantage of a second citizenship program is global mobility. Second citizenship can grant visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to over 180 countries worldwide, facilitating travel for meetings, exhibitions, site visits, and more. Many European programs also allow you to live, work, and travel freely throughout the entire European Union.

Safety and Security:

Most countries offering citizenship by investment programs rank among the world’s safest. Second citizenship provides an exit option for individuals and their families facing persecution or discrimination in their home countries.

World-Class Education:

Second citizenship can provide access to world-class schools and prestigious universities and institutions. Additionally, you may qualify for domestic tuition fees.

Tax Efficiency:

Many countries with citizenship-by-investment programs offer attractive and low-tax regimes. This protection extends to personal income and business revenue.

Quality of Life:

Several second citizenship programs allow your spouse and dependent children to live, study, and work in your chosen country and beyond. This opens up access to some of the world’s best healthcare systems and educational institutions for your loved ones.

Business Opportunities:

 Second citizens enjoy the same investment rights as those born in the country. This opens up new business opportunities outside your country of origin.

Which Countries Offer Citizenship by Investment Programs

Numerous countries worldwide welcome investors through citizenship by investment schemes. Some of the most recognized programs are offered by Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Vanuatu. In most cases, residing in the host country beforehand or proficiency in the local language is optional.

At Rozière Global, we proudly offer these CBI Programs:

Antigua and Barbuda



Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia


Why Choose Citizenship by Investment Now

Different Types of Citizenship for Foreigners

The concept of citizenship has evolved over centuries, resulting in various types of citizenship:

  • Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood): This path to citizenship is based on familial connections. For example, if your parent or grandparent is a citizen of a specific nation other than your birthplace, you might be eligible for citizenship.
  • Jus Soli (Right of Soil): Citizenship is granted based on the location of birth. However, certain legal restrictions may apply in some jurisdictions.
  • Jus Matrimonii (Citizenship via Marriage): Citizenship can be obtained after a certain period of wedlock.
  • Naturalization: This process involves becoming a citizen after residing in a country for an extended period, often through legal channels like political asylum.
  • Citizenship by Investment (CBI): This avenue allows investors to obtain citizenship by making significant contributions to the host country’s economy.


The Difference Between Residency and Citizenship

Distinguishing between residency and citizenship is essential, as these terms represent distinct legal statuses in a country. While being a resident allows you to legally live and, in some cases, work in a foreign country for a specific period, citizenship offers additional privileges. These include the right to vote, lifelong residence, and the ability to earn a living in the host country.


Benefits of Citizenship by Investment Programs for Host Nations

Countries typically implement citizenship by investment programs to attract significant foreign direct investment. These funds can be channeled into local development, business expansion, and job creation. Hosting nations also benefit from the influx of global talent and expertise, stimulating domestic economic growth. Increased capital and wealth flowing across borders further bolster social programs and foster steady economic development.


Benefits of Obtaining a Second Citizenship for Expats

Citizenship programs offer numerous advantages for individuals and their families:

  • Streamlined Process: Citizenship by investment provides a more straightforward and expedited path to citizenship compared to traditional immigration processes.
  • Visa-Free Travel: A second citizenship often grants visa-free access to numerous countries, particularly Schengen and EU nations.
  • Family Security: It provides the right to live, work, and study in the host country, offering family security and access to citizenship-based benefits and protections.
  • Approved Real Estate Projects: Many citizenship programs offer investment opportunities in approved real estate projects, providing a stable and tangible asset.


How to Apply for Citizenship by Investment with Roziere Global

Roziere Global facilitates citizenship by investment schemes for several countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, Montenegro, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Turkey, and Vanuatu. Detailed program requirements are available on our website. While application procedures vary by country, the core principles remain consistent.

Applicants typically need to have a clean criminal record, demonstrate the legal source of investment funds, determine the number of participating family members, and commit to investing in an approved option. This investment may take the form of real estate, government bonds, or contributions to a national economic fund.


Citizenship by Investment FAQs

  • Which country offers the fastest citizenship by investment? The timeframes for acquiring citizenship vary, but currently, one of the fastest options is the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, where applicants can potentially be granted citizenship within just two to three months.
  • How many countries offer citizenship by investment? Numerous countries worldwide offer citizenship through investment programs. These opportunities are prevalent in regions such as Europe and the Caribbean and typically involve substantial investments in the form of real estate or other projects supporting economic growth.
  • What is investor citizenship? Investor citizenship refers to the acquisition of dual nationality (citizenship) from another country by actively participating in its economy through foreign direct investments that meet specific government-regulated requirements. In exchange for financial contributions or commitments to property purchases in designated sectors or communities, countries with active investor-based immigration policies grant full legal rights to foreign nationals.

This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the world of citizenship by investment, empowering you to explore the opportunities and benefits that come with obtaining a second citizenship.